As we know that Nick Groff left “Ghost Adventures” TV Show since episode 10 season 10. He also announced his new “Ghost Stalkers” show.  He seems doesn’t look happy with current show. All Fans hope that someday Nick will be back to Ghost Adventures.

Why Nick Groff left ‘Ghost Adventures’ TV show? Because of his new Ghost show. I don’t think so.ghost-adventures-team

  1. The first reason that I believe he left the show because of the increasingly more intense and dangerous investigations. If you watch the last two seasons, it has become more and more intense (I mean, the last two Halloween specials were INSANE) and Nick has, as opposed to Zak and Aaron, a family he loves and wants to take care of, including a newborn baby for crying out loud! Also: very early on, Nick’s wife told him to never return to Bobby Mackey’s because it changed him temporarily in a negative way. It could only have gotten worse after some of the investigations. I highly respect Nick for putting his own safety and his family first now that things are heating up. Shows that he cares more about his loved one’s than fame and money. I am not saying that Zak and Aaron don’t, but again: Both of them don’t have children (or girlfriends that we know of) that might be harmed. Zak even mentioned a few of his girlfriends leaving because of spirits that were attached to him. We also know Aaron was married when the show started and she left him because of the “danger” associated with their investigations…right after Bobby Mackey. That’s also when Aaron lost all that weight too. Something profound happened to them there and it wasn’t good.
  2. The second reason that I believe he left the show because of Zak or someone else on the GAC. Zak has become such a drama queen & ham, that the show is becoming all about him. He interrupts everyone, so that he is always the center of attention. He is always saying how he stands his ground against ghosts, AFTER he has run from the run screaming. Or he will just disappear so that everyone has to look for him. I don’t blame Nick a bit, I am surprised he lasted this long with Zak.

I have been watching Ghost Adventures show since 2008. I know sometimes Zak was bossy and I understand because of safety. I love three of them even with 2 new guys Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley. I do love an old intro from beginning the show. I do like where Arron put an X on hot spot. I would love they bring it back again. Wishing all of them well, and may they continue to look for truth ( you guys know what I mean )  and awesome footage.

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