NOW most of you realize that, people steal. We steal money, lovers, cars, lives..and we steal ideas, concepts, toss this idea out, deem this to risky, this must stay.

But how many of you realize that not just Halloween, which is an ancient ritual called Samhein, is to protect the living from the dead, and from ghosts and demons.
But, our next big holiday, (not turkey day!) Is actually Not A Christian one. It was, hundreds of years before the concept of Christianity was formed, was celebrated by the Druids, the Pagans, the Wiccans. Call us fancy words, its just a label. It’s not to celebrate the birth of boy who was supposed to do some rather impossible things.
In fact, decorating the tree? Yup, we started it. Dried fruits, candles to help celebrate and bring people together and to help resolve yourself to the coming cold and winter months, the gifts, same concept. So what, we drank some wine and danced around bon fires and enjoyed ourselves and our closeness to mother earth. It was also a way of closing doors to the spirit world.
So along comes the upstart Christians, and, fast forward today…just about everything you do for Christmas…was a Pagan thing one thousand years ago.

So, keep Christ in Christmas, but make sure you close your spirit doors, and keep your candles burning with an offering of sage, apples and might just keep the evil away from your new toys. Hang the stockings, and keep Holly handy, keeps the spirits feeling jolly.
Oh and kiddies, watch out and behave you don’t want the satyr like Krampus (German badass) to come and whip you and shimmy up the chimney!

Blessed Be!

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