A woman was sitting on park bench “spontaneously combusts” and is now fighting for her life in a hospital. The Mirror reports that people were on a ground saw the woman engulfed in flames as they rushed towards her to help in a quiet German park, Australia. One man came toward to put her out with his jacket but by that time she was already badly injured.

She was transfer by Helicopter to hospital in the city of Lubeck where she remains in a critical condition. “The victim has lived and raised in Flensburg for a long time and has big family here,” Ulrike Stahlmann-Liebelt, who is investigating the incident said. Investigators haven’t spoke out whether the woman had actually set herself alight in a suicide attempt.

Woman ‘spontaneously combusts’ in park
(Photo by Australscope)

“This can happen to any of you that is what makes it so scary is you could be chilling then all of sudden spontaneously burn from the inside out to death. She is lucky very lucky to be alive! Sometimes I have heard of cases where someone survives this then years later they fully combusts.” Said by Lord Rick

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