“Ghost Adventurers” star Zak Bagans has shut a potential portal to Hell by demolishing his haunted house.
Bagans had the Gary, Indiana crib bulldozed … this after an encounter during the filming of his documentary … an encounter with “dark energy.”
The “Ghost Adventures” star purchased the house in 2014 after reports surfaced the family that had been residing there was terrorized by devils.
Zak believed, and says the devils were the real price it should not be inhabited. He considers dark energy permeated the debris … so he had it locked away in a storage facility.

Other fans commented on Tmz: “I live close to this house and went to it one day with my fiancé. Our plan was to get out n walk around it but that did t Happen. We drove by n just looked at the house for about 5 min and began feeling weird. We took pictures of the house and just left. As I was driving home I wasn’t myself I felt like crashing my car and I couldn’t stop laughing. My fiancé began feeling sick and crying she even threw up. We felt ok after going to church right away ( we haven’t been to church in years) we drove from the house directly to a church lol. Later after looking at the photos we got a face up against my driver side window it had horns on it. This house really does have bad energy”.Demon House 2

Because of destroying a potential portal to hell. Sean Jones said: :Zak Bagans is a fake, & this crap here should prove it. First, you can’t just demolish a house possessed by evil & say “O.k., all done, evil’s gone.” In the world of the paranormal, if you’re open minded to it, you know that there’s more to it than just that. The dude is so over-the-top on his shows, it’s hideous. At least in Ghost Hunters, they…most of them…act like down to Earth people & don’t WHACK OUT, in a very cheesy way, at anything paranormal”.

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