“It is all the demon” my mom would say, trying to entice me from the game.

Naturally, I did not listen.

A couple weeks ago, I built my own ouija board using cut pieces of paper, and a cent for the planchette up. It did not work, but I felt something odd as shortly as I said “hello”.

A day later, I purchased one and visited a nearby book store. I started using it that very night. I was with among my close buddies, who’d also been interested. We drove into a place in the woods, so that as soon as the board was greeted by us the planchette went, incredibly fast. Afterward, my buddy got a stomach ache that was terrible. At exactly the same time, I began to smell something that resembled meat that was rotting. The planchette understanding these were indications of demonic action and, also started making figure eights, the session closed.

A couple days after, the board was used by us in one day. I was excited, although I understood it was a dangerous devil, and so did my buddy. It was astounding in my experience, but I could tell my buddy was not incredibly comfortable. Each session closed when one of us started to feel sick.ouija board 1001

Last night was the last time. I met my buddy, who was hanging out with a girl I understand, outside in a place we hang out at nighttime. We started the session and the planchette went promptly. I needed to see what would occur, although my buddies were frightened.

I felt uneasy but continued the session. It was not an animal, I legitimately can not describe what it was. We heard something going towards us, not footsteps no animal. The session closed and I took my hands and we fled. While walking away, the screech was heard by us once more. We ran fast as we could. We panned the board and then drove to an abandoned road. Until the sun came up I could not sleep that night. My buddy said she had a dream that was peculiar, but declined to disclose it.

I will never understand what made that screech and honestly I do not need to. Be cautious they cause more damage than good.

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